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About Seymour Cycle Works

Seymour Cycle Works is a vintage motorbike company that specializes in Board Track Racers popularized by Harley-Davidson and Indian in the early 1900s. For a brief history of the sport, please visit www.motordromeracing.com/the-murderdrome/

Our mission is to bring to life the rich history of early motorcycles by providing quality, hand-crafted, vintage motorbikes to our customers.

Keith Seymour

Just a nobody trying to tell everybody about Somebody who can save anybody. Husband, father, Youth Pastor for @mcleanbiblepw.

Keith Seymour
Owner & Craftsman

I grew up with a warm affection towards anything and everything with wheels. From an early age, cruising the streets of my small hometown with my bicycle was a way of life. My friends and I would pass time by earning gnarly gashes and bruises from jumping our bikes on ever-growing plywood and dirt ramps. The pure mechanics of a bike made it easy to fix with our limited tools and abilities but we soon gained our experience with grease under our nails. The thrill of speed and danger fueled our adventurous minds to push the envelope further and further. My first real job was even at a local bike shop assembling bikes so I could blow my paycheck on more bike parts to use in that weekend's BMX race.

Over the years, that same passion and fervor for speed turned to cars and making them go faster. I worked at an auto shop and was submerged in car culture for nearly seven years while I finished high school and college and then married my high school sweetheart, Caroline. She used to joke that I married her because the first three letters of her name spelled c-a-r. Like most reasonable men, blowing money and time on modifying cars didn’t seem as much of a priority once married so I quickly parted ways with my fast and loud hobbies.

I spent the next several years anticipating the opportunity to bring back the adventure of wrenching and riding until I was introduced to Board Track Racing through an online article I stumbled across. I poured over the rich history of the early motorcycle and became a student of the simpler mechanics and clean lines of these beauties. The early motorcycles were, put simply, a bicycle with a motor jammed into it. When I started reading more about the ingenuity, hunger for speed, and the no-excuse-type-of-wrenching that I experienced growing up, I was inspired to build my first Board Track Racer tribute bike. The early Board Track Racing guys didn’t ride with brakes, had no throttle, and would race on embankments of 60 degrees to catapult them into the straightaways. These men were dangerous thrill seekers with an addiction to speed. Although Board Track Racing was short-lived because of its many dangers, these men left everything on the track and paved the way to modern racing with their oil stained faces and foot-long splinters. The bikes I build stand as tributes to the early days of motorcycling and the men who rode them.

What people say

Professional, talented artist with an eye for every last detail. Couldn't be happier with the product and customer service we received from Keith at Seymour Cycle Works! We will ABSOLUTELY be using SCW for our next vintage motorbike build!

Tony, Anthony & Mark DeRosa, Shears & Gears Barbershop


Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the client or customer gets out of it.

Peter Drucker

We offer fully functional, built-to-order four stroke (regular gas) or two stroke (mixed gas) powered tribute motorbikes using a combination of new and vintage parts. Most of the board track racers we sell can be used as display pieces in dealerships, man caves, private collections etc., but they are perfect for people who just enjoy riding as well.

We're capable of building a vintage style motorbike that looks like it rolled off the showroom floor as well as a brand new bike adorned with that 100 year old patina, "barn find" look.


Here at Seymour Cycle Works, we pride ourselves in building unique bikes that have personal touches. We provide attention to detail with hand-crafted quality that your children will fight over when you're gone. Here are some photos of our work. Contact us today to build your dream, one-off bike.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much do your bikes cost?
The cost can vary depending on many factors but we will guarantee your bike will be the only one on the block like it. Our costs can vary from $1500 for a display-only bike to upwards of $5000 for a daily rider with heavy duty components. Once we decide on the details, a deposit of half is due with the remainder of agreed upon cost to be paid upon completion and final inspection.
How can I purchase a Seymour Cycle Works motorbike?
Built to order:

You can contact us at [email protected] to setup a consultation appointment. Here, we will listen to your specific needs, budget, and goals for usage and develop a build delivery timeline based on acquisition of parts and estimated labor needed to complete the project. Once we decide on the details, a deposit of half is due with the remainder of agreed upon cost to be paid upon completion and final inspection. The cost can vary depending on many factors but we will guarantee your bike will be the only one on the block like it. Our costs can vary from $1500 for a display-only bike to upwards of $5000 for a daily rider with heavy duty components.

We even have options available where we can aquire the parts, build some or most the bike and allow you to finish with our support and education along the way. This can be ideal for those that want more of a hands on experience with their build. This is also a great option for a father-son project.

Finished Bikes:

We do have bikes that we will occasionally auction off or sell that weren’t built to order for specific customers. There are many variants to this as these bikes become available. Please contact us to see if we have any current bikes that are about to be for sale.

How fast can your bikes go?
The short answer is 35-45 mph. This typically depends on two different factors- the type of motor and the gearing. Our standard two stroke motors are typically geared to cruise around 35mph. Our four stroke motors vary based on the size in cc's and gearing. With our builds being mostly comprised of bicycle and light duty motorcycle as well as vintage parts, we don't recommend going more than 45 mph unless we have built the bike for higher speeds. Typically, our bikes have one gear to ensure a variety of riding needs and keep a vintage look but we can also build bikes with a CVT transmission or three or five speed rear hubs.
Are your bikes street legal?
It depends on the state you live in. Some states classify them as mopeds and you need to register them as such. Others have no laws and you’re fine riding them on the street. Please research your specific state’s laws before purchasing. Seymour Cycle Works builds motorized bikes for the intended purpose of off road use only.
Do these bikes have brakes?
Unlike the early Board Track Racers, our bikes do have brakes. To keep a vintage look, we typically use front drum brakes and rear coaster brakes but have the capability to do full hydraulic disc brakes to ensure stopping power for faster builds.
Are you related to the famous Board Track Racer, Raymond Seymour?
There are mysteriously no official family records past my great grandfather but pictures of Raymond Seymour closely resemble my family members. Additionally, Raymond Seymour was known to be in the same area my family is from. Although I can't prove it, I'd like to believe that there’s more of a connection to board track racing than just building tribute bikes.
Do your bikes come with a warranty?
All Seymour Cycle Works bikes are sold as-is with no warranty expressed or implied. With that being said, we stand by our work and your satisfaction is our greatest asset to further our business. We want you to be fully satisfied with your dream bike so please let us know how we can earn your referrals.


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